October 10, 2010


It's 0018 of 10-10-10.

I did something just now, something I either will regret or be grateful for. It was a text, the kind I that I didn't send for long to anyone.

Wooooaaaaahhh. Gemuruh. And malu, at the same time.

Esok kene ball, kalau tak mesti asyik fikir. Or jog. Whatever 8-)

p/s : Some people had better chance in everything they do. We, as muslims, are obliged not to curse the world for that. The movie, The Pursuit of Happyness came to mind and I think I could still remember somewhere the guy was saying something like this - "It's called The Pursuit of Happiness because happiness is something we have to pursue". It is probably would never come with us wondering around without doing anything. Pancakes :)

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